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CEC Grant Helps Ubiquitous Energy Manufacture Windows That Generate Energy

By Media Office Staff

A company supported by the California Energy Commission (CEC) has launched a prototype production line for its new power producing windows technology.

In October, Ubiquitous Energy began producing its ClearView Power technology at a new production facility located at its Redwood City offices. The company celebrated its new production line during an Oct. 15 event.

The microscopically thin coating is transparent and selectively absorbs ultraviolet and infrared light to both reduce heat gain in buildings and generate electricity for onsite use, a first for the industry. The company has been able to obtain an aesthetically-pleasing neutral color, something that other companies are struggling to do but is highly desirable by building designers. The coating is applied directly to glass windows and can transmit up to 90 percent of visible light.

The project was aided by a $3 million grant from the CEC’s Bringing Rapid Innovation Development to Green Energy (BRIDGE) program, which allows start-up companies that have previously received CEC or federal funding to continue working on their technology without waiting for a new public funding opportunity or pausing to raise private funding, a process that can sometimes take years.

“The California Energy Commission is investing in clean energy entrepreneurs by helping them move their innovations to market,” said CEC Vice Chair Janea A. Scott. “Each unique concept has the potential to move California closer to its goal of a carbon-free future.”

With support from the BRIDGE grant, Ubiquitous Energy is scaling up its prototype to meet standard window testing size requirements and will demonstrate that its coating application could be cost-effectively integrated into the traditional glass manufacturing process.

The company is working with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to conduct testing and ensure the bigger prototypes meet commercially viable levels of energy efficiency, electrical generation, aesthetics, and durability. By the conclusion of the project, Ubiquitous Energy hopes to have the ClearView Power prototype windows installed in various pilot demonstration projects, including one at its own office.

The BRIDGE program is funded through CEC’s Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) program, which helps drive clean energy innovation and entrepreneurship.

Ubiquitous Energy was one of the eight start-up companies that participated in the CEC’s Breakthrough Technology Showcase, which was held Oct. 25 at the CEC. The showcase featured EPIC-funded projects focused on low-carbon energy solutions for buildings.

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