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Mexico City and California strengthen their partnership on climate action by signing a new MOU

By MPCO Staff

This month, leaders of the Environment of the Government of Mexico City (SEDEMA), the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA), and the California Energy Commission (CEC) signed a new memorandum of understanding (MOU) to strengthen cooperation on energy, environmental protection and climate action. The new version replaces the previous one signed in 2019.

Gathered at Quinta Colorada in Bosque de Chapultepec, Secretary of the Environment of Mexico City Dr. Marina Robles García, California Secretary for Environmental Protection Yana García, and California Energy Commissioner Andrew McAllister met to sign the MOU, which seeks to strengthen climate action and environmental protection in both jurisdictions through the sharing of information and best practices.

Specific areas of focus of the MOU include:

  • Energy efficiency

  • Emissions monitoring, reporting, verification, and enforcement

  • Clean energy technology and alternatives

  • Climate change

  • Air quality

  • Waste management

  • Circular economy

For Mexico City Secretary of the Environment Dr. Robles García, this MOU shows that “it is important to send a strong message to humanity that it is possible to transform lives, it is possible to open doors to the future, which I believe is the challenge we face as humanity. Mexico City and California’s collaboration proves that we can work together for a common and better environment and serve as an inspiration to others.”

“Today’s MOU formalizes California and Mexico City’s deep partnership and shared commitment to rapid decarbonization and transitioning to a clean energy economy. It also lays the groundwork for renewed cross-governmental collaboration on climate action, environmental protection, and energy,” said Yana Garcia, California’s Secretary for Environmental Protection. “This marker of our cooperation comes at a time of increased urgency across the globe to take collective action to protect our planet for future generations. CalEPA looks forward to sharing our expertise with our counterparts in Mexico City and continuing to strengthen our partnership in the years ahead.”

“The renewal of this MOU allows us to continue important policy exchanges and technical projects with our partners in Mexico,”said Commissioner Andrew McAllister. “Together, we will advance toward our shared energy goals, strengthen our economic and academic partnerships, and honor our deep cultural ties.”

After the signing, Mexico City and California will begin the discussion of a work plan.

This new MOU, which is in force until Oct. 4, 2024, highlights the urgency of climate action, Mexico City and California’s shared goals of reducing pollution, and the importance of international partnership between all levels of government in tackling climate change.

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