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Appliance Efficiency Standards Scheduled to Take Effect in 2019

By Media Office Staff

The California Energy Commission’s appliance standards produce significant energy savings for consumers while maintaining or improving the usefulness of the products.

The standards are developed with industry, energy efficiency advocates, and others through an open, transparent process. To ensure manufacturers comply, the Energy Commission issues monetary penalties to manufacturers and retailers that sell appliances that are not certified to the Energy Commission as compliant with the efficiency standards.

At the time of adoption, compliance dates are required by statute to be set at least one year in the future to allow manufacturers time to comply.

Here are the standards set by the Energy Commission that take effect in 2019, along with the frequently asked questions for each one:

January 1 – Desktop computers, thin clients, mobile gaming systems, portable all-in-ones, and notebook computers – These encourage more efficient power management of computers when they are not being used. This is the first tier, with the second tier taking effect July 1, 2021.

June 1 – Portable electric spas – The standards update standby power performance for standard, exercise and combination spas, and put into effect standards for inflatable spas. They also clarify the subcategories of spas, update the test procedure and require energy labels.

July 1 – LED light bulbs – The first tier of standards for LEDs, which took effect January 1, 2018, included efficiency and quality improvements. The second tier, which kick in July 1, add amendments to strengthen efficiency and limit power in network standby mode in bulbs designed to be connected to power at all times.

July 1 – Computer monitors – These establish an amount of power a monitor or display can consume when on, in sleep mode, or off, and measures the energy consumed in each mode separately. This is the first tier, with the second tier effective on January 1, 2021.

In the coming year, the Energy Commission plans to consider standards for commercial and industrial air compressors, irrigation sprinklers, replacement pool pump motors, fluorescent light bulbs, and air filters.

Learn more about the standards by signing up for the Energy Commission’s appliance listserv.

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