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BuildZero Net Founder Discusses Access to Building Energy Data

By Media Office Staff

A new, open-access software is in the works to give the public access to building energy data.

In early June, BuildZero founder Allen Gilliland spoke at the California Energy Commission to present his concept - a virtual, digital model of major cities where users can view and compare buildings by energy use and other features.

Gilliland’s work with BuildZero is part of his interest in energy efficiency, which began with the 2006 passage of the Global Warming Solutions Act (Assembly Bill 32), which set a greenhouse gas emission reduction target for 2020. Gilliland received a resolution from the Energy Commission for building the first zero-net energy home in California.

BuildZero is interested in helping building owners reach a zero emission goal and reduce utility bills. The goal is “to create social value through a revolutionary platform to drive climate action,” Gilliland said.

BuildZero’s interactive view and tools enable users, such as local governments, research institutions, and construction companies to share best practices. Users can use this information to see what attributes may help turn an underperforming building into a top energy efficient property. Doing so produces benefits such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving the environment, and a more pleasant surrounding for building users.

Gilliland said there are several factors that are hampering the implementation of climate policy, including a lack of public knowledge and access to energy issues. His app aims to help users improve their knowledge about building energy efficiency.

Some of BuildZero’s efforts include securing pilot cities to start implementation, developing partnerships with government organizations, and obtaining funding, he said.

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