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CEC Offering Resources to Help Owners Improve Efficiency of Buildings

By Media Office Staff

Resources to improve the efficiency of buildings are now available on the California Energy Commission (CEC) website to help multifamily and commercial building owners.

Launched in 2018, the Building Energy Benchmarking Program helps building owners measure and track annual building energy use. The public can access data collected from the program at the interactive Public Disclosure Dashboard. Users can compare energy performance between similar buildings, by geographic region, and across previous years.

Efficient buildings can significantly reduce energy costs, which are one of the largest controllable costs for a company. Buildings with high energy performance also promote comfort and health for tenants and employees while also reducing energy bills.

Commercial and multifamily building owners are required to report energy use to the CEC by June 1 every year. However, because of COVID-19, the CEC has delayed enforcing noncompliance with the requirements until September 1. The Building Owner Energy Efficiency Resources webpage provides information and a variety of tools to help owners improve building energy efficiency and reduce energy costs.

The page includes ENERGY STAR® low-cost and no-cost efficiency tips, such as checking for vent blockages which can increase air distribution energy requirements by 25 percent. Information about energy audits, retrofitting, and utility rebates for commercial and multifamily buildings are available on the page. People concerned with efficiency project costs can find several financing options .

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