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Vice Chair Janea A. Scott Departs CEC and Joins Interior Department

By Media Office Staff

The California Energy Commission (CEC) recently honored Vice Chair Janea A. Scott for her eight years of service as a commissioner. Scott, who filled the public member seat since 2013, was named a counselor for the Secretary of the U.S. Department of the Interior. This marks a return for her since she worked as the deputy counselor for renewable energy for the Interior Department Secretary. At the January 25 business meeting, Chair David Hochschild presented Scott with a resolution recognizing her contributions to the CEC. California Natural Resources Secretary Wade Crowfoot acknowledged she made great impact during her tenure. “As I reflect on Janea’s work at the Energy Commission, I can honestly say that very few people in California have been as consequential to the state’s energy vision over the last decade,” Crowfoot said. “Your vision, your intelligence, your organizational acumen, your example of leadership that you’ve been able to provide have just been huge, positive... consistently ambitious on behalf of the state.” Scott helped the CEC develop key policies and programs that are helping to lead California to a 100 percent clean energy future. As the lead commissioner for the Fuels and Transportation Division, she shaped the Clean Transportation Program, which investment more than $750 million in projects statewide. As the lead commissioner for the Energy Research and Development Division, she helped shepherd the Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) Program. EPIC has been renewed until 2030 through a $1.5 billion investment in clean energy research. Commissioners recognized her for her achievements and the passion and character she brought to her work. “What stood out when I started working with you is that you are both a consummate professional and you are so nice to work with,” said Commissioner Patty Monahan. “Now, we have a partner in the Biden administration in terms of advancing clean energy for all and you are going to be such a key leader in that.” Commissioner Karen Douglas wrote a song about Scott to the tune of “Hey There Delilah” and played it on her ukulele. Former California Air Resources Board Chair Mary Nichols said she hopes Scott’s new role will help to strengthen the partnership between the state and federal government. “If there’s one message that I want to send back to her and with her is California is definitely part of the West,” Nichols said. “We are not an island unto ourselves and our relationship with the federal government through all the many agencies that touch on us is extremely important.” Scott expressed appreciation for time with the CEC. “It has been such an honor and a privilege to get to work on behalf of the people in California,” she said.

In addition to the formal program, a number of CEC staff provided remarks and offered their gratitude to Scott, particularly noting for her enthusiasm and detailed attention to the work.

Watch a video recording of the presentation on YouTube.

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