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Workshop Looks at Research and Development Opportunities for California Offshore Wind Energy

By Media Office Staff

The California Energy Commission (CEC) and the consulting firm Navigant will hold a public workshop on March 4 to present the results of a study examining research and development opportunities for offshore wind energy in California.

Offshore wind could play a key role in helping California meet its renewable energy goals by contributing to California's total system electric generation, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

The workshop begins at 10 a.m. in Sacramento.

The CEC contracted with Navigant though its Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) program to identify opportunities to remove technological, manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain barriers that could hinder the progress of offshore wind deployment.

The EPIC program drives clean energy innovation and entrepreneurship by investing more than $130 million annually in research that accelerates achieving California’s goal of a 100 percent clean energy generation system by 2045.

Offshore wind farms would likely be sited in federal waters far from the coast, which begins three miles from shore and extends to 200 nautical miles. California wind farms would likely use floating wind platforms given the depth of the ocean past the Continental Shelf.

Public comments will be accepted during the workshop, however, there may not be adequate time to review written comments before the workshop ends. Comments can also be submitted electronically before 5 p.m., March 20.

Information on how to participate remotely is in the workshop notice. Workshop documents will be posted in the docket log.

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